College Ministry 101

college-ministry-101aToday, I am driving up to Los Angeles to meet with fellow YS blogger and YS author, Chuck Bomar. Chuck’s new book, College Ministry 101, is an important read for the church today. While church leaders have known of a significant drop-off of kids from high school into college few church are doing anything serious to rectify it.

Some churches run programs like glorified youth groups that really just delay the problem.(Eventually you do need to transition them to an adult-like ministry, right?)

Most churches do nothing. Their action provide an implied rumschpringer where Christian children go off and experience the worlds delights and horrors. (And 20% or so return later.)

Some churches expect 18 year olds to join adult Sunday school or small groups.

Long story short, Chuck has spent a lot of time helping churches figure out the college-aged ministry and now he has a book. Today I am meeting up with him to do some filming for the podcast as well as some stuff about his book.

I’m looking forward to meeting him. And I’m looking forward to what he has to teach youth workers about college ministry.






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