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twitLike a lot of people, I’ve gotten used to the quirkiness that is Twitter. (what is twitter?) It’s kind of cool to connect with people in 140 characters or less. Follow me.
One measurement tool that I use when looking at someone who wants me to follow them is their ratio between followers and following. If someone has 500 followers and they are only following 12 people. (+488) That’s interesting to me but tells me they likely have something important to say. Conversely, if someone is following 2500 people and only has 12 followers. (-2488) I don’t want to follow that person.

Personally, I like it when a persons Twitter numbers are reasonably the same. Right now I have 96 followers and I’m following 92 people. That puts me at +4.

As Twitter finally takes off into the common usage of bloggers and general internet users… it’ll be interesting to see how this ratio effects things.

Ultimately, how do I decide whether or not to follow someone who is following me?  I’ve got some standards. The ratio is very important. Also, when I look at a profile I want to see a link and a bio.
If your bio says you work at a church or do student ministry… I’m going to follow you automatically. If you do something else and I’m interested in that or know you personally, I’ll follow you. Other than that I’m not interested.





4 responses to “Plus 4 on Twitter”

  1. adam mclane Avatar

    Since this post, I’m now +12.

  2. Kim Avatar

    Okay. I just want to know how you have time to follow 92 people around all day? Thats just crazy talk!

  3. adam mclane Avatar

    Me like crazy talk. Me like crazy talk very much. 🙂

    Kim, if you join Twitter and you follow me… you’ll be #93.

    I’m plus 13 right now too… kind of loco if you ask me.

  4. adam mclane Avatar

    Make that +17. Sheesh. What’s going on?

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