5 Types of Engagement With Each Blog Post

I’m an engagement preacher. No other stat matters in social media quite as much as engagement. Likes, Retweets, Trackbacks, Comments. These are the things that show that your content isn’t just getting read– it’s getting shared.

Here are five ways each of my blog posts is engaged with.

  1. Comments (On the blog itself, on Facebook, and on Twitter)
  2. Facebook like and shares (I have a limited reach. But through my reach I have unlimited viral capabilities.)
  3. Twitter links and retweets (Did someone like you post enough to post on their Twitter account? Did anyone retweet the link?)
  4. Private discussion (I get a lot of e-mails, Twitter direct messages, and Facebook messages with each blog post. I even tally the number of times people see me in person and mention something I’ve written. That’s all engagement.)
  5. Blog excerpts (Getting a paragraph pulled from a post and having it create content for another blogger/online magazine is awesome engagement. It’s like an annotated recommendation.)

What are ways you engage with your audience?


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