Your Ministry of Discouragement

Having just spent a week with Christian leaders I came home with a raw heart. Surely, I came home tired. But I also came home perplexed by our unique ability to discourage one another. Speaker shoes When I went to my first convention in 2002– the whole thing was weird for me. It all seemed…… Continue reading Your Ministry of Discouragement

Rules for Blog Comments Quick synopsis: I reserve the right to edit your comments if they contain foul language. I welcome all comments and all types of comments. You may use a pseudo-name so your “real name” isn’t publicly visible. But you must use your real email address so I can follow-up with you. You are welcome to…… Continue reading Rules for Blog Comments

5 Types of Engagement With Each Blog Post

I’m an engagement preacher. No other stat matters in social media quite as much as engagement. Likes, Retweets, Trackbacks, Comments. These are the things that show that your content isn’t just getting read– it’s getting shared. Here are five ways each of my blog posts is engaged with. Comments (On the blog itself, on Facebook,…… Continue reading 5 Types of Engagement With Each Blog Post