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  • Turning the spigot back on

    Turning the spigot back on

    It’s been a long time coming. It’s time to get back into writing on a more regular basis. I miss it. And I think maybe you, dear reader, maybe miss me too?

  • Blogging 201: Generating Content They’ll Love

    Blogging 201: Generating Content They’ll Love

    March 6th at 11:00 AM Pacific Building off of the success of Blogging 101, I’ve scheduled the next logical step… Blogging 201! Blogging 101 was all about getting started, having an initial plan to make blogging a habit, getting your blog set-up, and stuff like that. Blogging 201 is about writing, editing, and publishing the […]

  • What Posture Do You Take?

    The posture a writer takes impacts the perspective of the reader. Unfortunately, without proper perspective on the writer, the authors impact can outweigh reality.

  • 5 Things to Do With a Brand New WordPress Site

    So, you want to get started in blogging? Awesome. If your intended audience is over the age of 18 you are going to want to use WordPress. (Under 18? Use Tumblr.) Also, if you are just getting started I’d recommend spending the first 12 months of blogging on a WordPress.com blog. You’ll have way less […]

  • Fall in love with your content

    Every day I read all sorts of blogs. I follow hundreds of blogs with Google Reader and I’m constantly following links on Twitter and Facebook to various people’s blogs. And I’ve gotten used to the mediocrity of most stuff out there. There are very few people writing about what they love. But there are a […]

  • Learn from me next Saturday in Chicago

    Here’s the deal. I am scheduled to teach two classes next Saturday in Chicago. But as of right now… no one has signed up! I’ve got plenty of people interested as watchers on Skillshare but no one has ponied up the money to attend the class. If I don’t get 4-5 people by Monday at midnight […]

  • Just Write

    So, you want to blog? And you’d like to build a following. Great. I’m here to help. Here’s a quick reality check: Success has nothing to do with a fancy blog design. Success has nothing to do with learning the latest SEO tricks. Success has nothing to do with finding advertisers to fund you. So […]

  • Blog economics of hate

    The easiest way to draw traffic to your site all you have to do is hate on people. My definition of flaming content online: To bad mouth purely for the sake of creating traffic, link baiting, retweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise bad-mouthing a person, organization, company, or news item for a purely selfish reason. (Read here […]

  • From RSS to Today

    Is RSS dying? Quick answer: No But RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has a lot more to compete with in 2010 than it did in 2005 when it took off. In 2005, the advent of aggregators like Bloglines, Google reader, and even the über popularity of my.yahoo.com made RSS the best way to grow your reach […]

  • How to write consistently for your blog

    I’ve written a series of articles for Immerse Journal describing a digital ministry philosophy for youth workers. The first article, called “Be Consistent” brought a lot of questions because I spent all 800 words talking about “why” to be consistent and it left many struggling readers with a burning question, “How can I be more […]