Learn from me next Saturday in Chicago

Here’s the deal. I am scheduled to teach two classes next Saturday in Chicago. But as of right now… no one has signed up! I’ve got plenty of people interested as watchers on Skillshare but no one has ponied up the money to attend the class. If I don’t get 4-5 people by Monday at midnight Pacific I’m going to cancel the classes and watch football instead.

I’ve actually just lowered the cost of the class from $25 to $20 to make it a bit easier.

Growing Your Business with MailChimp

Mailchimp is an amazingly powerful tool. Whether you are a small start-up, a restaurant, a band, or a non-profit– Mailchimp can help you grow your business. In this 2-hour class we’ll quickly cover the basics of the service and quickly dive into unleashing the power of this amazing email marketing webapp. We’ll talk about lists & groups, templates, integrations with tools like Eventbrite, Facebook, and Salesforce, and email marketing strategy.

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Blogging 101

This class will be laid back but full of experience, practical application, and practice. As a full-time blogger and blog coach I’ve helped countless bloggers get going for their own blogs and even launch small businesses. Topics covered: (But not limited to) – Getting started for free – Choosing the right platform – Customizing your blog – What to write about – How to write for response – How to build a tribe – Intro to analytics and other measurement tools – Principles of social media interaction The class will be two hours. But the format is loose and I won’t leave until I’ve answered all of your questions. My goal is that you walk away with a firm understanding of what to do AND ready to get started.

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2 responses to “Learn from me next Saturday in Chicago”

  1. Jeffrey Dick Avatar
    Jeffrey Dick

    I have a wedding next Saturday in Grand Rapids.  Would have enjoyed the classes.   I gather that is the only day you can offer them.

    Are you still in Chicago for a couple of days?   I could get to Chicago on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      The whole thing is a little fluid right now. With Kristen’s surgery this week I haven’t even decided for sure if I’m coming at all. If these classes aren’t going to happen and Kristen’s recovery is slower than we’re hoping… I’ll probably either not come at all or just come Friday and leave Sunday. Yeah, it’s all a bit open. 

      My flight arrives late Tuesday, so that wouldn’t work. And if I keep that flight it looks like I’ll be doing the family thing a bit on Wednesday. I’ll let you know. There is a scenario which would have me in SB on Thursday and maybe I could slide up that way on Thursday night or Friday morning? 

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