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  • 4 Tips for YouTube You Can Use

    YouTube You Can Use is a free weekly youth ministry resource I publish every Monday at The Youth Cartel. It includes a link to a YouTube video as well as a discussion starter, some related Bible verses, 3 ice breaker questions, and a thought question I call wrestle with this. To give you some behind […]

  • Guy on a buffalo

    Like that? Here’s episode 2. ht to Andrea

  • NYWC: What’s More Awesome Than a Bacon-filled Banana?

    The news: Today is the last day to register for NYWC San Diego for Super Early Bird prices. Bacon and flutophones?  The brainstorm session for this video was a blast. Ian, Tic, and I kicked around a thousand ideas around the concept of “What would be MORE AWESOME?” The shoot: This video was shot all […]

  • U2 on YouTube

    Today, Kristen and I are driving to Phoenix to see the U2 360 Tour. I have a figurative bucket list and this was on it. My brain has been mush lately so I am greatly looking forward to driving 5 hours across the desert to lose my voice screaming lyrics with Bono. Just for good […]

  • Sling Shot Man

    Based on the age of the video I kind of doubt this old timer is still around. But if you were a kid with a sling shot like me as a kid, you know just how good this guy is.

  • Giving Thanks

    My family isn’t one that will likely go around the table and share what they are thankful for. But that doesn’t mean I am lacking gratitude this Thanksgiving. Here’s a few things I’m especially thankful for. #1 I am thankful for my red hot smokin’ wife, who is a stone cold fox, and two kids, […]

  • Disco Bears

    Who says scientists don’t like to have fun? This video proves two things. First, scientists really are stuck in the 70s. Second, you cannot stop the power of disco.

  • Making videos for ministry

    It’s safe to say that I make videos for ministry. On average, I make two. Generally I make the “bumper video” that comes just before the sermon and then there is a wild card project that comes up for one of the other things we are doing at Romeo. I’ve made videos for our kids […]

  • Off to Shoot a Movie

    Today I’m hanging out with my favorite peeps, the cast and crew from Light Force. We’re going to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and release a movie today. It’s called “10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida.” We’ll be driving all over the Metro area shooting all sorts of weird things. I can’t wait […]

  • Christian Alternatives

    Last night I got an invitation to put all of our church videos on a new Christian-only version of YouTube. First there was GodTube and now this. I laughed at GodTube’s claims that they were the fastest growing site on the internet… totally a joke of a statistic if you ask me… not like GodTube […]