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Everyone is a minority somehow


In a pluralistic society everyone is a minority somehow.  By minority, I mean that in an academic way. Meaning not a people group universally identified as a minority group but a group. We most often think of that in terms or race. I mean our society is now acknowledging groups of self-identified people who have […]

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When It Rains


California is desperate for rain. The past several days in San Diego have been overcast, we even got a couple sprinkles. But we are long overdue for serious rainfall. And if we don’t get the rain we need in the next 6-10 weeks it’ll have a dramatic impact on life here in California. But also […]

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Reclaiming Communities

I’m fascinated about things like traffic. People are annoyed about sitting in traffic, driving to work, the lack of free parking. They are also annoyed about traffic in their neighborhoods, the speed of cars, the fact that no one walks anymore, the fact that kids don’t play outside anymore. And, of course, they are annoyed […]

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This Tragedy Has Changed Us

General Slocum Memorial

On June 15th, 1904 the PS General Slocum was chartered by St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York City for $350. 1,360 people showed up that Wednesday for the 17th annual Sunday School picnic. It was a calm and beautiful morning… anyone who has visited Manhattan in the summer can envision this morning. The […]

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