40 Stereotypical Things to Write in a Yearbook

Megan is in her last week of 8th grade. Yesterday, I asked her what she did at school to which she replied, “Pretty much we signed yearbooks all day in class. Then we had a yearbook signing party at the end of the day.

And that got me thinking… “What does one write in a year book?

With the help of my Facebook friends we created this list.

40 Stereotypical Things to Write in a Yearbook

Just to make it fun, my real world translation for each is in red.

  1. Stay cool (Julie F.) [I don’t really know you]
  2. My email address is 28384458383,2828@compuserv.com (Jason T.) [I am socially awkward and wanted to be friends, but didn’t get the nerve to take the first step]
  3. I’m the first to sign your crack. [Right along the binding] (Marty E.) [I think I’m original]
  4. Never change! (Marty E.) [Your yearbook got handed to me, I don’t know who you are]
  5. Always stay the same never change (Joanne H) [I went with the combo, props to you for getting the combo, not everyone gets it]
  6. K.I.T. (Jeff L.) [I have a lot of these to sign]
  7. I wish I could have known you better, but you seem like a really great person. (Jon M.) [Don’t call me, I’ll call you]
  8. Have an awesome summer!! (Julie F) [I don’t really know you]
  9. Let’s Keep in Touch (Alex B) [Probably not]
  10. HAGS (Sherry B) [I don’t know what to write]
  11. HAKAS (Andrew B) [I am pretty clever]
  12. Stay Sweet Always (Melissa B) [I don’t really know you]
  13. 2015 was great this year (Ryan S) [I am a teacher]
  14. Lylas – love ya like a sister (Aimee M) [We know each other from youth group]
  15. Friends forever! (Michelle R) [Probably not]
  16. I will always remember you! (Michelle R) [Probably not]
  17. Class of ’99!!! Next year we RULE THE SCHOOL! (Heather U) [I don’t really know you]
  18. Packing up the dreams God planted, in the fertile soil of you… (Tim G) [My dad is a pastor]
  19.  I know your future will be bright , I will miss you (Stacy K) [I’m not planning on seeing you next year]
  20. 2 good + 2 be = 4 gotten (Barb B) [I don’t really know you]
  21. 2 friends + 2 gether = 4 ever (Scott R) [I still listen to Boyz II Men]
  22. Have fun in the sun and get laid in the shade! (Adam K) [Can’t wait for your mom to read this while you are sleeping]
  23. See you in high school! (Christel A) [I don’t really know you]
  24. YOLO, so I hope you graduate this year finally. (Peter E. M.) [You are a slacker]
  25. To a cute girl with great clothes! (Terri G) [OMG, I can’t believe I got to write in your yearbook]
  26. Had fun with you in _____ class! (Deanna S) [I don’t really know you]
  27. We’ll always have ____ [teacher name] (Adam M) [We had some laughs in class, but we aren’t friends]
  28. I wish I could’ve known you more (Stacey K) [You are cute]
  29. Call me! (Gives someone else’s number) (Josh K) [I am clever for my age]
  30. God will do something good in your life. (Leneita F) [I don’t like you very much, but it’d be rude to not write something, so here you go]
  31. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (Jeff P) [My summer will be lame, hope yours isn’t]
  32. Live every day like it’s your last! (Jake A) [My summer will be lame, hope yours isn’t]
  33. Birds fly, ducks quack, I’m the first to sign your crack (Brock M) [I think I’m pretty clever]
  34. Too bad we didn’t hang out more……..text me (followed by number) (Jeffrey D) [I’m socially awkward but still want to hang out]
  35. Glad I got to know you (Karen K) [I don’t really know you]
  36. Best Friend 4-Ever (Heather U) [Probably not]
  37. Hope we stay friends, never change! (Mark K) [Emphasis on HOPE]
  38. I never told ya, but I think you have a great ass! (Donn B) [This is my last chance to hit on you]
  39. I’ll always remember how fun it was laughing with you in Mr. So-and-so’s class. (Jennie O) [I’m in AP and you’re probably not, I’m not planning on seeing you again]
  40. Have a bitchin summer. (Bill B) [Have a bitchin summer]






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  1. ken Avatar

    this probably goes in with #17 but: CLASS OF ____ RULES!

    and then there is always this: SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!

  2. thebest Avatar

    no. no it dosent. peninsula high school is way better. fight me

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