While you’re at work

Between 6:00 – 9:00 AM your middle class neighborhood clears out. Or so you think. The vast majority of residents wake up, make a cup of coffee, put on morning radio, and drive to work. But what happens while you’re away? Have you ever wondered? Probably not. We live in an out of sight out…… Continue reading While you’re at work

Race in America

“We need to talk about race in America.”  I’ve heard that phrase often. Whether it’s a political candidate stumbling over whether or not to disavow an association with the Klu Klux Klan or a pastor of an almost-all-white-church stumbling through an awkward conversation… it’s something you say that makes it seem like you’re really interested…… Continue reading Race in America

I Believe Change is Possible

I’m locked into my way of thinking. You are locked into yours. We’re enjoying the banter back and forth. I’m convinced I’m going to change you and visa versa. Of course, neither one of us changes our minds. The banter ends and we move on. This seems to be the course most online conversations take…… Continue reading I Believe Change is Possible

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