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  • Reclaiming Communities

    I’m fascinated about things like traffic. People are annoyed about sitting in traffic, driving to work, the lack of free parking. They are also annoyed about traffic in their neighborhoods, the speed of cars, the fact that no one walks anymore, the fact that kids don’t play outside anymore. And, of course, they are annoyed […]

  • This Tragedy Has Changed Us

    On June 15th, 1904 the PS General Slocum was chartered by St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York City for $350. 1,360 people showed up that Wednesday for the 17th annual Sunday School picnic. It was a calm and beautiful morning… anyone who has visited Manhattan in the summer can envision this morning. The […]

  • Long-term effects of violence in teenage dating

    Recent research reveals some dangers and long-term effects of teenage dating. In this post, Adam McLane explores the latest data and provides some talking points for parents.

  • How does a teenager become an adult?

    With all the talk about extended adolescence a few researchers are asking the important question: How does a teenager become an adult?

  • A link found between adolescent hook-ups & depression

    From a paper published in September, 2012. Depression and Adolescent Sexual Activity in Romantic and Nonromantic Relational Contexts: A Genetically-Informative Sibling Comparison Results indicated that adolescent dating, in and of itself, was not associated with depressive symptoms. The association between depressive symptoms and sexual activity with a romantic partner was fully accounted for by between-family […]

  • 12 Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life

    Geeks are hot. But what do you get the geek in your life for Christmas? In this post Adam McLane recommends 12 gifts under $100 your geek will shart over.

  • Fact: I thought twinkies were gross before they were cool

    Fact: I thought twinkies were gross before they were cool

  • The Bloodless Revolution

    In the 4 years that we’ve lived in San Diego I’ve learned to love bodyboarding. It’s one of my favorite Sabbath activities. And while I’m not great at it I love trying. The concept of bodyboarding is fairly simple.  You swim out past the break point of the waves. (Just past where they are cresting) […]

  • Rednecks of Sweden

    Rednecks of Sweden

    Proof: Being a redneck is not limited to geography. Lesson: Don’t let your ethnocentricity cloud your judgement.  

  • The role of father’s in adolescent sexual education

    Existing research preliminarily suggests fathers influence the sexual behavior of their adolescent children; however, more rigorous research examining diverse facets of paternal influence on adolescent sexual behavior is needed. We provide recommendations for primary care providers and public health practitioners to better incorporate fathers into interventions designed to reduce adolescent sexual risk behavior. Link “Our […]