12 Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life

I’m a geek. You know a geek. Geeks are sexy these days.

We have a lot in common. 

So what does the geek in your life want for Christmas? This year we want gadget accessories, classy art, and stuff ironically associated with internet memes. If you can’t find anything else, we’ll take an iPad mini.

Here’s 12 ideas for the geek in your life

The Glif ($20)

It’s a stand and tripod mount for an iPhone. I’ve got one of these, it’s totally handy on planes, when making Skype calls, or when you are trying to take nice photos.

From Photojojo

The Glif - excellent geek toy

Crocheted Zombie Hat ($30)

I can’t explain the “why” behind this one. If you have a geek in your life who has an undead head which sometimes gets cold, they need this.

From Etsy user LaurelAndHoney

Every geek needs a zombie hat

Converge Rest & Recharge ($39.99)

This would look great on any geeks desk. It helps organize the clutter of stuff that needs to charge and hides the cords. Charge up to 4 things at once and nicely show them off? Bam. 

From Quirky

Keep your geek organized and charged with the Converge Rest & Recharge

RHA Noise Canceling Headphones ($39.95)

The fine folks at RHA sent me a pair of these to try out. Being a lover of my iBeats by Monster, I was pretty skeptical. But you know what? For $40 they are great. Lightweight and a unique/cool fabric cord.

Pick-up at Amazon

Keep your geek plugged in with these earbugs from RHA

Super Mario Hat for Your Cat ($8.50)

I’m not even sure you need a cat for this to be cool. Your geek just needs this. They know what to do.

From Etsy user SarabiRose

Make your cat look like a geek, too with the Mario hat

iPad Mini Portfolio Case ($59.99)

This is the nicest case I’ve seen. It has a few folding positions, the device stays nice-n-snug in there, and it’s leather. Any geek would look pro geek with this.

From igearunlimited

A leather iPad Mini cover keeps your geek looking classy at work

LOLcats Etched Coffee Mug ($10)

I’ve never met a geek who didn’t have a chuckle at LOLcats. With this mug they can share their inside giggles with all their co-workers while the boss just assumes they are the creepy guy in the office with a cat mug.

Etsy user desolationallie sells these little kittens

Geeks love LOLcatz and coffee. Combine them both with this etched mug

Cam Caddie Video Stabalizer ($39)

This is on my personal Christmas list. Attach a DSLR camera to the mount and use the handle to shoot much more stable video. This is a great little addition to any photo geeks kit.

Available at Photojojo

Help your geek stabalize his video with this awesome gadget

Vintage Pop Art Star Wars Trilogy ($40)

Married to a geek? Ready to be a little more grown up while holding onto your geek roots? This is the best of both worlds. Seriously awesome prints at a crazy low price.

Etsy user Posterinspired makes these

Got a Star Wars geek? Pick up these pop art inspired prints

Pottery Barn-style Star Wars Prints ($65)

Sticking with the Star Wars theme. These are pretty fantastic as well.

Etsy user PrintChick sells these

Need to keep your keep looking all Pottery Barn? Check out these prints.

Digits ($11.99)

A nice solution to a very annoying problem. Need to check your email or post an Instagram while you’ve got gloves on? Fat chance unless you have these. Special material on the finger tips allows the geek you love to keep holding their phone instead of your hand. Double bonus!

Available from quirky

Does your geek need to keep his fingers toasty? Check out these geek-afied gloves

Seat Belt Camera Strap ($20)

The straps that come with cameras are lame. Any shutterbug would dig this strap made from the same material as a seat belt.

Get it from photojojo

Turn that geek a little chic with these seatbelt inspired camera straps

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7 responses to “12 Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life”

  1. Ben Read Avatar

    Nice list, working on my own list of nerdy gifts for Youth Pastors, no similar ones which surprised me.

  2. Paul Turner Avatar
    Paul Turner

    Great list. I like the vintage star wards prints.

  3. Jake Bouma Avatar

    The video stabilizer is awesome.

  4. TomasHunter Avatar

    These are great gift ideas; thanks, Adam! My wife is the geek of the family. She is a big TV/Movie junkie, and she knows that I work for DISH, so she has been as been bugging me for a way to stream to the iPad I got her last year. What she doesn’t know is that I already got her a Sling Adapter for our DVR; when I connect that, she will have all the streaming content she can handle. Now I need a few stocking stuffers; I am going to get her a pair of the Noise Canceling headphones, so that she can actually hear the shows she’s streaming, but I think I will get her a zombie hat too. She loves zombies.

  5. Stephen - Youth Workin' It Avatar

    A little bit of an excessive price, but the $930 Floppytable should fulfill any geek’s desires http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57556238-1/floppytable-makes-floppies-relevant-again/

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