I hate to wait. It drives me insane when you are supposed to meet someone and they are late. It event makes me a little miffed if the person isn’t a little early for the meeting.

Why? I could get all freudian and say it has to do with repressed anger at a parent or something like that, but the reality is that I am prideful. I’d like to think that a person is a little nervous to talk to me, or even at the very least that they are worried about not being prepared or just want to make good impression.

Whatever. The bottom line is that I hate waiting.

It’s funny to me that so many people have remarked to me over the years that one thing they like about me is that I am patient. Perhaps I look patient on the outside, but I am often impatient on the inside. I want things done on time or early and MY WAY. It must be God’s working in and through me that I don’t throw more temper tantrums about people being late or disappointing me.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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