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  • Grit


    Yesterday, Paul caught a trophy fish. OK, so it’s not technically a trophy fish. He won’t win any awards and we didn’t even keep it. It was just a little spotted bay bass. But that one fish represents a major accomplishment. It was the first saltwater fish Paul caught completely unassisted from the shore.  […]

  • It’s about the results, not the process

    It’s about the results, not the process

    Michelangelo didn’t do it right. Boss man didn’t like the nose.  You didn’t do your math right. Well, you got the right answer but your teacher marked you down because you couldn’t show that you did the problem the way she wants to see. We celebrate Thomas Edison for his inventions. But we just prefer […]

  • Don’t Let 1% Win

    Don’t Let 1% Win

    We each have 1% driving us nuts in our lives.  99% of the people in our lives are fine. They are benefited by the work we do, they are positive about us and who we are as people, or they are just neutral and have no opinion about us one way or the other. But we […]

  • To Be Like the Postal Carrier

    Working from home reveals all the daily routines that happen around your house while you’re typically away. 3 different garbage trucks come on Friday. (Garbage, recycling, yard waste. Though the later two come on a secret schedule which lives on our refrigerator.) An elderly woman picks through everyone’s recycling to get cans and bottles. Our […]

  • Man Versus Machine

    Man Verus Machine – A Classic Tale The concept that pro golfer Rory McIlroy, making real time adjustments to conditions, can out compute a machine designed to hit perfect shots every time is a classic one. In 1996 Russian chess champion Garry Kasporov beat IBM’s best computer 4-2. I suppose you can track this legend of […]

  • If you stop dreaming, you start dying

    Before his death Michael Jackson set a world record of 60 days without REM sleep. There’s a lesson for us all in that, in this post we explore that.

  • Tilt Your Perspective to See Things Differently

    Tilt Your Perspective to See Things Differently

    This video illustrates what can happen when you tilt your perspective. Pakistan to Siberia without touching land in a straight line? Only when your perspective shifts.

  • This Tragedy Has Changed Us

    On June 15th, 1904 the PS General Slocum was chartered by St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York City for $350. 1,360 people showed up that Wednesday for the 17th annual Sunday School picnic. It was a calm and beautiful morning… anyone who has visited Manhattan in the summer can envision this morning. The […]

  • Picking Faithfulness

    Each day is full of choice. Most are benign, seemingly meaningless. For some the payoff is immediate, like what to eat or wear or to do after work. For others the payoff is delayed, like plans you make, what you say to your kids, or the work you do. I’m learning that I have to […]

  • The Machine & The Magician: What you need to know about distraction

    I’ve been learning a lot about the creative process lately. Like you, so much of my life is built around the concept that sometimes I need to be highly productive and other times I need to be highly creative. But, at all times, my work is best when it is both on time and creatively […]