It’s about the results, not the process

  • Michelangelo didn’t do it right. Boss man didn’t like the nose
  • You didn’t do your math right. Well, you got the right answer but your teacher marked you down because you couldn’t show that you did the problem the way she wants to see.
  • We celebrate Thomas Edison for his inventions. But we just prefer to not know or care that he electrocuted animals to prove the dangers of alternating current.
  • You didn’t write your big paper right. Sure, it was good. But you got marked down because you didn’t turn the outline in on time. And your bibliography isn’t in the Chicago style, anyway. The MLA sucks, according to your teacher.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to care way more about the process than they seem to about the results?

It’s as if “their way” is the “right way” and even if you achieve the same or better results another way…

Why is that? Well, they lose perceived power if they don’t point out that you didn’t do it the “right way.” Meaning– their way.

It’s About Results, Not the Process

Every day is filled up with too many messages telling you how to do stuff “the right way“:

  • My Facebook timeline is full of links to posts like this: “10 things successful people do that you don’t” or “The Five Secrets to Steve Jobs Creative Process.
  • In the WordPress world, where I hang out quite a bit, there’s a growing hierarchy of so-called experts shouting down innovation simply because these new innovations aren’t marched down the way the hierarchy likes it. (This not-so-subtle change threatens to destroy the community driving 30% of the world’s websites.)
  • In an essay published by the New York Times, Dan Fleschler writes about the struggle he goes through as his daughter choses to work as a counselor at a summer camp instead of taking on a high end unpaid summer internship. The essay isn’t a knock on camps, it’s a knock on this notion that to be successful you have to walk the designated life path. (ht to Jeff Keuss)

Here’s a little secret… and I hope it frees you:

There. is. no. right. path. to. the. right. answer. 

Trying to get the process just right, according to a book or some so-called expert, will merely lead you to a lot of stress and anxiety.

Sometimes, to get the results you are looking for, you’ll have to submit yourself to an established process. Say, with the IRS, or something like that.

But… for the most part… you need to figure out how to get results in a way that works for your unique gifts.

I’m ashamed to admit how much time and money I’ve wasted in my life learning “the right way” just to later learn that the way I was already doing it got better results and fit me better.

Skip that.

Get the results.

And make your own process.

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    Can you shed a link to the drama you’re referring to in the WordPress world?

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