Mater artium necessitas

Mater artium necessitas Necessity is the mother of invention English Proverb Made for Invention When was the last time you hung around children? Little ones remind you of something we, as adults, often forget: We’re made for invention. My life is made brighter each day by the creativity of our 4-year old, Jackson. Like every pre-schooler…… Continue reading Mater artium necessitas

Be Dangerous This Twitter exchange with a former church worker turned entrepreneur reveals that there’s a bit of a leadership farce going on in our society right now. Everyone is getting labeled a leader. I mean, everyone. The ultimate compliment a teacher can tell parents about their child? “Your child is a leader.” You can buy…… Continue reading Be Dangerous

An Ecosystem for Success

Why are some organizations so successful while others try really hard but never seem to get there? Or, when something successful does come along, why doesn’t it last? Why do successful people leave? These are big, important conversations for every organization. Every organization. Your local bank, taco shop, church, school, and even– maybe oddly– sole…… Continue reading An Ecosystem for Success