Croatia 2005: An Introduction

Let this be the first of many updates on an important project in the life of my ministry.

So far I have had nothing but green lights on the idea of taking a small team of my students on an international mission trip next summer. After snooping around at all the youth missions organizations I fell back to my alma pater… My father-in-law and SEND International. SEND is a fine organization and the only reason I didn’t initially seek them out is my innate fear of nepotism.

I was provided with two “off the top of my head” options, one to Russia and the other to Croatia. After consulting with the mission committee last night they firmly recommended that I look into the Croatia option as something they would support wholeheartedly.

So far, I’ve made very positive with SEND. Don Johnson (who I’m certain must have an assistant named Tubbs!) is on the case and looking into options for us. Here is a basic outline of what we intend to do.

  • 5-8 students aged 14-19 years old. All candidates will have at least one short term trip under their belt.
  • 14-17 days away from home
  • $2000-2500 per person
  • Ministry with missionary children as their parents attend an annual field conference
  • Additional ministry opportunities through the local church
  • Hooking up with Romeo missionary Gene Whiting.

More on this to come, I am certain of that!






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