an epidemic and a miracle

While Kristen and I were shopping at Taget tonight, I suddenly became aware that 90% of the people shopping alone in the store were happily yacking away on their cell phones.

I thought to myself… how surreal is it that most of the people in this store are walking around telling people they are at Target? It reminds me of an observation a prophet [aka some guy on Dateline!] made a few years ago… he said “What would happen if someone from a past century were to show up in our culture and then report back to the past? He would tell everyone that we were completely nuts because we all walked around talking to ourselves!” Strange thought, but true, right?

In other news… the church is starting to see the results of long term prayer. Recently we’ve started to see a woman allow herself to get introduced to our church family. In my days of ministry I’ve never seen a woman run so far from Christ while a husband continued to grow in Christ and patiently love and pray for her. This breakthrough started with her helping with the church with our interior design. Next she started to get chatty with me and PB on her stays here. Then this week something crazy happened. She contacted Nathan, our Children’s Ministry director to see if he could help her out with some childcare. That is the miracle. 3 months ago and this woman literally would walk down a different aisle in the grocery store when she saw me… now she invites a staff member to her home? God’s doing something there through ordinary things. Amazing.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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  1. Your observations are right on the money. All of us are seeking some way not to be alone–some through the door of the church, some through the cell phone.


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