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  • Poco a Poco

    Poco a Poco

    Poco a poco.Little by little.  Our plan for this house is revealing itself more visibly.  Originally, this house was the center of a 440 acre working ranch. They logged, sold timber locally to build houses and barns. They had an orchard, supplying the nearby Sugar Pine Mill workers with apples nearly year round, making cider…

  • The scary place we’re at and how we turn it around

    The scary place we’re at and how we turn it around

    This afternoon a group of outsiders are coming to San Diego to attempt to disrupt the San Diego Unified School Districts board meeting as the district debates implementing a vaccine mandate for the prevention of COVID-19 among students 12 and up. This debate isn’t controversial or out of context in the least. The district already…

  • Is the world getting worse?

    Is the world getting worse?

    Is the world getting worse or do we just have more immediate access to everything that’s going on in the world so we notice it more? Maybe I’m getting old? Or maybe things truly are really bad right now? It’s honestly hard to tell.

  • Full of It

    Full of It

    A good percentage of people in this world are full of crap. And we all need help figuring out who is worth listening to and who is not.

  • Embracing Whole People

    Embracing Whole People

    You are a whole, unique, 360-degree, three-dimensional person made in the image of God. We live in an age that likes to cast humans into two-dimensional boxes. We tend to pigeonhole people because of something they’ve said or posted online or even something they did in their past. But in doing so we are turning…

  • 11 Months In

    11 Months In

    Just about 11 months ago we were settling into the idea that COVID-19 was going to be bad. We had no idea how bad things could get. None. As of today, 500,000 Americans have lost their lives to this pandemic. By comparison, the entire population of Sacramento is 494,000. What if I’d told you 11…

  • What are you fighting for?

    What are you fighting for?

    “What did you say?” “You better not of…” “Excuse me?”

  • Character


    I find more people are interested in being seen as someone who does the right thing than I do people who just do the right thing despite how it may look. Character isn’t what people think, that’s reputation. Character is who you are when others aren’t looking.

  • A Foot on Each Side

    A Foot on Each Side

    My life is in San Diego. We live here. I’m as involved locally as I’ve ever been. My work is here. My friends are here. My home is here. My bills are here. Everything is here. I live here in Rolando. My life is also in Tijuana and Ensenada, two cities in Baja California, Mexico.…

  • Let’s agree on this

    Let’s agree on this

    Let’s agree on this: Human rights are not the kind of politics it’s impolite to talk about. Right now, tens of thousands of wanna-be Americans are stuck in an asylum system with the deck stacked against them. 0.1% are making it through.