Embracing Whole People

You are a whole, unique, 360-degree, three-dimensional person made in the image of God. We live in an age that likes to cast humans into two-dimensional boxes. We tend to pigeonhole people because of something they’ve said or posted online or even something they did in their past. But in doing so we are turning…… Continue reading Embracing Whole People

11 Months In

A pandemic puppy reminds you to wear a mask!

Just about 11 months ago we were settling into the idea that COVID-19 was going to be bad. We had no idea how bad things could get. None. As of today, 500,000 Americans have lost their lives to this pandemic. By comparison, the entire population of Sacramento is 494,000. What if I’d told you 11…… Continue reading 11 Months In

What are you fighting for?

“What did you say?” “You better not of…” “Excuse me?” Fighting Words I suppose today we’re supposed to use the term, “triggered.” That’s what the cool kids say. I want to be cool. Everyone has something that’ll take them from 0 to 100 in an instant. Even Pope Francis. Recently, a woman grabbed his hand…… Continue reading What are you fighting for?