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My Response to Attempts to Twist Gun Control into a Conversation About Abortion

A question posted to my Facebook wall solicited this response. Again, shared here to bring light on the GOP’s illusion of a “Pro-Life” agenda. 

My question to you and many others is this – Why are we not fighting against abortion clinics and against those who support abortion the same way many are fighting against guns?

So I saw this comment at 3:00 AM. The Olympics are killing my sleep cycle. I stared at it for a while. I put my phone away. But I couldn’t sleep until I answered this question. It’s a good question worthy of a non-3 AM response. But here’s what I posted:

What’s sad is how so-called pro-life voters can’t see the GOP isn’t pro-life. You cannot be anti-violence in the womb but ok with violence after the womb. If you believe it’s morally wrong to abort a baby to save the life of the mother you can’t be for that baby being slaughtered in a classroom as a first grader. You can’t reserve the right in your heart to kill that baby if it grows up to break into your house or dare to walk across a yard with a bag of skittles wearing a hoodie. You can’t buy a handgun for self-defense, to do so is to be pro-death. See, I am pro-life which means I’m all about providing the wealthiest country in the world health care to everyone as a human right and access to anti-poverty measures that are proven to work so couples aren’t forced to chose abortion. People don’t chose abortion for fun, they chose it because they have no options. Things are much more nuanced for Christians than the GOP has tried to make them. If we’re about saving lives than things have to change… everything the GOP is about right now is about making billionaires into trillionaires. We have sold off cabinet positions and Christians are cheering for a man who had sex with porn stars weeks after his third wife gave birth. Do you not see the level of scum Christians are supporting in the name of “pro-life”? It’s disgusting and it’s taking 16 year olds to stand up and say enough? Where is the church? Where? Most Christian leaders seem to be in hiding behind their paycheck, riding it out, saying nothing. As I’ve said for months the answer isn’t Democrats or Republicans, it’s you… God placed you in your neighborhood to love your neighbors as yourself. Get involved with your neighbors, start there. Then get to know your block, the needs of your neighborhood. This is what’s required of each of us… this is how you make a difference. Yes, go to church and worship with other believers… but take the words of Jesus seriously: Love your neighbors as yourself. I believe we should reject anti-abortion politics for the real pro-life agenda… getting guns out of the hands of people who are untrained, unregulated, uninsured. Make a real investment in health care so people go to the doctor when they are sick. And let’s even things out between the billionaires and the people on your block. Let’s advantage them for once.

And for those who might dismiss me as a Southern Californian left-winger… nah, go ahead and search this blog and you’ll see I’ve been poking this bear with a stick for much longer than I’ve lived in San Diego.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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