Thank you to the Christian Leaders Speaking Out

Thank you to the Christian leaders who are speaking out and taking risks to do so. I see you and I appreciate what you are doing. Keep going.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In Bible college everyone read Bonhoeffer. He was a young preacher and theologian who gave his life to stand up to Hitler. To many, he was a hero, and a model for the type of leaders we hoped to be. At the time it was unimaginable that we’d see what we are seeing today… “zero tolerance” and “law & order” are phrases always used to target minorities for incarceration and suffering. And that’s happening today. At this moment thousands of children have no idea when they’ll see their parents again… simply because politicians in Washington think they can get away with it, make them suffer while they eat steak or play golf.

We must stand up. We must speak out. We must do what we can.

The unimaginable is now taking place right before us. It’s happening all around if only you’ll open your eyes.


It’s not just children at the border. All across the country, in nearly every state, federal agents are arresting people and deporting them, leaving minors— many of them legal citizens— to fend for themselves. It’s not right. It’s not just. It’s using “law & order” as an excuse for racism, out of fear that “they” (white people) are being outnumbered by “them” (non-white people). An immoral law is a weapon often used to exact punishment in those without social or financial status to fight. (see “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr.) And the victims are children. Those children need you as their advocates.

So, thank you to those willing to be like Bonhoeffer today to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

I hope Bonhoeffer inspires a million more just like him.





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