back from Chicago

We returned last night from our annual college visit pilgrimage last night. We didn’t get home particularly late, but it sure felt late with all the sickness in the van and the change to daylight savings time. All in all it was a nice trip. Both seniors saw the schools they had applied to and got to ask all the right questions.

This day off of mine. Despite the fact that my head feels about 800 pounds, I still have some things to do today. We need to rake the leaves to the curb. Give the front yard one last go round. Do the dog scooping in the backyard. Buy more dog food. Buy 3-4 bags of salt for the water softener since it ran out while we were gone. And buy some of the pieces I never picked up for the conduit I ran last Monday.

You can’t go home again. It’s been 4 years since we left Calvary and Oak Park. It’s a weird thing when you go back "home." You always expect everything to be the same. It’s stupid, but you do it. It’s also weird that a place where you grew so much spiritually seems to be on the hurt. Ray has been gone about a month and it just feels like a hurting church. You could feel that the congregation was in a funk. Worship was just worship instead of worship. The preaching was good [go Darin Weil, the Jr. High Pastor!] and yet the whole service felt flat. I know this feeling well, Romeo was there for a long time and is only now coming out of the other side of it.

I am feeling pretty good about… my fantasy football team is now 5-3. (Not technically until after MNF, but it’s almost a lock right now.) What makes that record so good is that I’ve won 5 in a row after opening 0-3. Scary thing is, I might be as high as 3rd place. I think I’ll land somewhere around 5th though.






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