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  • Picture Post: The Goodbye Party

  • Pre-concert thoughts

    With just a few days left before the Light Force concert (Sunday @ 7) I’ve got a lot of dreams for the thing. This is the first time we’ve tried this… and I’ve got a lot of thoughts floating around my head. Most importantly, I hope the event is well-attended and fun for everyone who…

  • 10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida

    I mentioned this project earlier today, here is the video. I think it turned out pretty funny. What do you think?

  • Off to Shoot a Movie

    Today I’m hanging out with my favorite peeps, the cast and crew from Light Force. We’re going to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and release a movie today. It’s called “10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida.” We’ll be driving all over the Metro area shooting all sorts of weird things. I can’t wait…

  • Spring Break: The Movie

    In Romeo, Spring Break starts today after school. And for the first time during my tenure at Romeo I will not be leading a group of high school students to Chicago to work with Inner City Impact. This creates new opportunities. Several families from Light Force are headed down to Florida to escape the prolonged…

  • We have an overnighter on March 7th

    I saw this video in an email earlier in the week. With an all night party on the agenda in just 10 days or so… it really touched home for me. To quote our worship leader, “I was like a cowboy as one lonesome tear ran down my face.” Of course, the stuff he talks…

  • Commitment: A trend to or a trend away?

    I posted a question here… your thoughts are always appreciated.

  • Recovery time

    Last night was a hit. I’m not sure how what we did couldn’t be a hit, but it was a hit. Also important is that it was a true foyer event in that our students brought some friends. That is fantastic! The momentum continues to build and I am excited about that. I hope we’ve…

  • thump thump

    I am 31 years old. I have done youth ministry, pretty much, since I graduated from High School. And I still get jazzed about an all-nighter. I am pumped to hear that many of our students are not only coming but bringing friends. In 30 minutes doors open. I’m ready. I hope they are.

  • Gaining some momentum in Light Force

    Last night’s small group was great. That makes 3 “good time had by all” Light Force events in a row. With a sure winner on Friday night, we’re off to a good 2008.