Off to Shoot a Movie

Today I’m hanging out with my favorite peeps, the cast and crew from Light Force. We’re going to conceptualize, shoot, edit, and release a movie today. It’s called “10 Things I Did While My Friends Were in Florida.” We’ll be driving all over the Metro area shooting all sorts of weird things. I can’t wait…… Continue reading Off to Shoot a Movie

Spring Break: The Movie

In Romeo, Spring Break starts today after school. And for the first time during my tenure at Romeo I will not be leading a group of high school students to Chicago to work with Inner City Impact. This creates new opportunities. Several families from Light Force are headed down to Florida to escape the prolonged…… Continue reading Spring Break: The Movie

Recovery time

Last night was a hit. I’m not sure how what we did couldn’t be a hit, but it was a hit. Also important is that it was a true foyer event in that our students brought some friends. That is fantastic! The momentum continues to build and I am excited about that. I hope we’ve…… Continue reading Recovery time

thump thump

I am 31 years old. I have done youth ministry, pretty much, since I graduated from High School. And I still get jazzed about an all-nighter. I am pumped to hear that many of our students are not only coming but bringing friends. In 30 minutes doors open. I’m ready. I hope they are.