Pre-concert thoughts

Light Force ConcertWith just a few days left before the Light Force concert (Sunday @ 7) I’ve got a lot of dreams for the thing. This is the first time we’ve tried this… and I’ve got a lot of thoughts floating around my head.

Most importantly, I hope the event is well-attended and fun for everyone who comes.

Second, I hope its a great stepping stone for some students who may want to learn more about Light Force. I had the guys over from Nowhere Found today… they were super excited to play our show. In fact, they were more excited than I was about the show! One of the band members even asked if he could help us move chairs. Awesome.

Third, I’m really excited about the team of adults who is coming to help. It’s awesome to know that I probably have too many adults. How cool is that? It shows that the adults in our church are just as passionate about the mission as I am.

Fourth, I am hopeful that our youth group embraces the event. This thing is WAY outside of their comfort zones. And it’s going to rock their world in an awesome way.

Fifth, I hope it is crazy fun.





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  1. William Hartz Avatar

    We put on a few concerts in 2004 (our first time also). They were a bit of a challenge at first, but we soon got the hang of it. It was really fun, looking back. Plus, we built relationships with some of the bands who came that persist still to this day. I was actually called by the drummer of one of the bands the other day. Doing the shows was a great experience, and I hope we get to do some more again soon.

    Good luck!

  2. Barb Avatar

    Don’t forget to get a couple rolls of quarters for concessions & money for the door. I invited our neighbors, I hope they come.

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