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  • God of our Fathers

    It was very hard to leave Jimmy and Ashley behind in Romeo when we moved to San Diego two years ago. In the last year he transitioned from Michigan to the Houston area and is working full-time for a church plant called, Thrive. There are probably a lot of very intelligent people who know how […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Fully in life’s rhythms now. I can’t think of another period of my adult life where I’ve been in such a looonnngggg stand of just doing normal things. Going to the office and coming home at the same times. I have a morning routine, an evening routine, and a firmly established weekend routine. It won’t […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    It was a loco week. Not in a bad way, either. My head is spinning this weekend with all the fun stuff that happened in the previous 7 days. But today is Saturday and I am trying hard to put all of that aside so I can recoup for the week to come. This morning […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Just another lazy Saturday in McLane land. Other than taking Stoney over to dog beach to let him sniff butts and chase tennis balls, I don’t have plans for today. It’s kind of cold and wet here, so it’s not as if we’ll want to do much else. Just like a typical Saturday morning, I’m […]

  • Leaving Romeo: Jimmy

    Last week I talked about leaving Romeo and my relationship with our senior pastor, Bob. Next, I want to talk about our music dude Jimmy. Jimmy, like Jason before him, has been an awesome friend to me. There is something about being in that “associate” role at a church that I’ve always found kinship with.  […]

  • Live Stream of Light Force Concert

    Tonight if the night. We’ve got the Jimmy Savage Band and Nowhere Found. The show starts at 7:00 PM EST. Live broadcast will kick off about 6:45 PM. UPDATE: Here’s the video from the event.

  • Pre-concert thoughts

    With just a few days left before the Light Force concert (Sunday @ 7) I’ve got a lot of dreams for the thing. This is the first time we’ve tried this… and I’ve got a lot of thoughts floating around my head. Most importantly, I hope the event is well-attended and fun for everyone who […]

  • Light Force Concert

    On April 20th, 2008 Light Force is hosting a great concert. Jimmy and his band will be joined by local band, Nowhere Found. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about this event for a long time. We know that in Romeo 4% or less of 6-12 graders regularly attend a youth group… but we also know […]

  • Easter Egg Hunt Video

    This is pretty raw. But it shows what we were up to and how much fun it was. Again, thanks to all that helped pull this one off. I think there were about 25 volunteers… awesome!

  • Easter Egg Hunt | Slam Dunk

    Gosh, I just got home and I’m having a hard time controlling my excitement. Today was a blast! The teams were all awesome. Set-up/Tear-down team… excellent. Band team… excellent. Hospitality team… excellent. We had never been a part of an event quite like this one.  Joyce from Park & Rec and her team seemed very […]