Saturday Tunes

Just another lazy Saturday in McLane land. Other than taking Stoney over to dog beach to let him sniff butts and chase tennis balls, I don’t have plans for today. It’s kind of cold and wet here, so it’s not as if we’ll want to do much else.

Just like a typical Saturday morning, I’m getting it started with some Java (last of the Starbucks Christmas blend) and some headphone time. Here are the next 10 songs playing on my ipod. As always, totally random and my rating is included.

#1 Life is a Highway by Rascall Flatts ****

#2 Tell Me Something Good by P!nk ****

#3 God of this City by Chris Tomlin ****

#4 Head Over Heel by Sandra McCracken ***

#5 Georgia on my Mind by Ray Charles ****

#6 Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder *****

#7 Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill *****

#8 Here With You by 3 Doors Down *****

#9 Obsession by Starfield ****

#10 Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles ****

Bonus! My buddy and worship leader at Stoneridge in Romeo, Jimmy Savage, has a song on iTunes. It’s a single off his upcoming album. I really like it, its called “Tonight.”


2 responses to “Saturday Tunes”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Dude I always love your mixes, they are so random! (Just like my ipod).

    I often go from Chris Tomlin to Kayne West! (Hey I this he is an interesting guy – don’t judge!)

    I also like that you include the ratings!

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    I think today’s flowed better than most. And Chris Tomlin and Kanye West… that’s not a hard transition! I listen to Kanye’s song “homecoming” and it reminds me of a lot of great ministry moments in Chicago. Not quite as worshipful as Tomlin, though. 🙂

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