God of our Fathers

It was very hard to leave Jimmy and Ashley behind in Romeo when we moved to San Diego two years ago. In the last year he transitioned from Michigan to the Houston area and is working full-time for a church plant called, Thrive.

There are probably a lot of very intelligent people who know how to judge a worship leader better than me. But Jimmy exhibits all the qualities I’m looking for.

  • Vocally and musically talented. (This is actually the easy part, dime a dozen)
  • Fun to be around. Jimmy has a smile that can light up a room.
  • Versatile. Jimmy is good in darn near any setting. Kids, students, camps, adults, bars, inside, outside… he’s ready to roll.
  • Fun to work with.
  • Listens to God. When you are over the top talented its easy to listen to yourself or to what has worked for you. That’s not how Jimmy rolls.
  • Creative. He’s good enough to push past imitation to find creativity.

So, that’s why I like Jimmy. He’s a good dude. I’m stoked for his album to [finally] come out. I hope a bagillion people book him for shows, camps, and stuff like that. And one day he will be such a big deal that he’ll finish a song and his guitar guy will walk onto stage and hand him a new one.





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