Front-loading ministry in the discipleship process

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about discipleship that raised some questions about how we do things in our student ministry. Most of the comments were affirmative. Some of the more critical questions which arose required some follow-up.

With that in mind, I grabbed a few moments with Chris and Kathy, our staff members who run the New Heights Project to drill down into some of the questions that came up.

  • What is the New Heights Project internship all about?
  • Who we are and who we partner with?
  • Why intentionally hire non-Christian students to do children’s ministry?
  • What has been the effect of this method in students lives?

One additional thought. The thing that freaked most people out was the concept of intentionally hiring a mix of Christian and non-Christian students as interns. Every church I’ve ever done ministry with had students help in ministry areas who weren’t Christians. Any ministry leader is fully aware of that same fact. The only thing that is different here is that we’ve made it part of our strategy. Typically, ministry leaders know it but don’t acknowledge it because we’re talking about children of church members.





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  1. Timothy Eldred Avatar

    Jesus hired non-Christian youth, too. He asked them to follow; not believe. As a result of walking with him, watching him work, and they willingly did the tasks he asked – let’s call it youth ministry. In the end, they believed. Not in the beginnings. Front-loading discipleship is a great term, Adam. Great post!

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