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  • The Jungle (on cello)

    Take that band geek haters! ht to Likecool

  • 5 Sources of Creative Inspiration

    Getting stuck is a big deal. In my world it means progress stops. So getting from an uncreative space to a creative space is integral to thriving. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that restarting the creative process is typically a matter of moving in one of two directions. I refind my mojo by […]

  • God of our Fathers

    It was very hard to leave Jimmy and Ashley behind in Romeo when we moved to San Diego two years ago. In the last year he transitioned from Michigan to the Houston area and is working full-time for a church plant called, Thrive. There are probably a lot of very intelligent people who know how […]

  • Dearest Bono, I Forgive You

    This video cracked me up. It couldn’t possibly get more low rent and yet it is strangely worthy of the U2 brand. Well done. Since they delayed their event by a year, maybe I’ll be able to afford to go to the show in Anaheim? Anyone else want to go?

  • Possessed

    When someone pitches an idea my mind is running through a matrix of questions. Is this really a good idea? Is the idea even possible? Is this the right person to turn this idea into a reality? Will enough people buy into the idea that it’ll take off? Is this the right time for this […]

  • This Too Shall Pass

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant. HT to PJ

  • Pressing Play on Life

    I woke up thinking about this song. Flashback to the 90s, right? In so many ways life has felt like it was on pause since September when I went to LA for convention. I’ve just been consumed by work. It swallowed me. And yesterday brought so much release. (Er, if the illustration of “swallowed by […]

  • Buy the Harbor Worship CD

    Here on the blog I’ve talked early and often about our church, Harbor Mid-City. One of the things that we like most is the expression of arts in weekly services. In the last year I can’t think of a time when we’ve had a musical solo. But in that time we’ve had spoken word performed, […]

  • Loop Artist

    Not only is it cool how this artist creates his craft, I think his message matches the theme of this blog. It is possible…

  • A Favorite Thing About Harbor

    Each Sunday, during the worship service, our church invites all the children to come up and play instruments during one of the songs. Too often we push the children of the church away from the adults and I think that’s a real mistake that accidentally sanitizes intergenerational worship. This small action each week is symbolic […]