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hchwHere on the blog I’ve talked early and often about our church, Harbor Mid-City. One of the things that we like most is the expression of arts in weekly services. In the last year I can’t think of a time when we’ve had a musical solo. But in that time we’ve had spoken word performed, rap performed, and an artists representation of the message. These are amazing wrinkles to worship. Very cool.

The role of our worship leader is unique. (Based on my observation– not something anyone has ever told me.) It’s a role which I love in view of the rock star worship leader model we see so prevalent in the Evangelical church. First, Matt Cromwell’s job in leading worship is to elevate the rest of the group above himself. He simply won’t take the spotlight. No lead guitar. His mic isn’t louder than the rest. He’s rarely the visual leader of the service. Second, he facilitates the people of the church writing the lyrics for the songs we sing as a congregation.

It’s that second thing that I want to point you to today. Matt and the worship team have put together a CD of the songs we sing at church… and I think you should check it out. Head over to CD Baby or iTunes, sample some tracks, and consider supporting Harbor’s worship team by purchasing a song or their entire album. If I could suggest one track, Trial By Fire. Yeah, I like that one a lot. You need that one.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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