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When someone pitches an idea my mind is running through a matrix of questions. Is this really a good idea? Is the idea even possible? Is this the right person to turn this idea into a reality? Will enough people buy into the idea that it’ll take off? Is this the right time for this idea?

But the overarching question on my mind is simply, “Has this idea possessed this person to the point that they won’t rest– they will just be driven by this idea for as long as it takes?”

90% of the time the answer to that question is no.

“I can teach anyone enough about music to sing in the  choir.”

This was the philosophy of my high school choir teacher. The woman was possessed. I’m living proof of this truism. I have no musical ability or talent at all and I was taught enough to perform at hundreds of shows, concerts, and competitions during high school.

This woman was possessed in her belief that anyone could sing and sing well. She convinced more than 50 students per year to take a choir class at 6:30 AM. On top of that she convinced about 25 of us to take an additional music class in the afternoon. Get this, for three of my four years of high school I had two music classes every day. And after school in the Spring almost all of us were also part of a musical.

It wasn’t unusual for me to leave for school before 6:00 AM and not return home from school until after 9:00 PM.

How did she do it? She was possessed by her idea. “I can teach anyone to sing.

She had that one magical ingredient that most purveyors of ideas don’t have.

Do you?





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  1. David Grant Avatar
    David Grant

    I used to have that kind of passion. Does age and cynicism keep us from dreaming and believing the way we should? It seems the older I get the more I’m tempted to simply be comfortable. There’s no room for comfortable if you’re going to sale out to an idea.

    I’m struggling to live in a place where ideas flow and I’m sold out to what Jesus is calling me to do. I need grace.

  2. adam mclane Avatar
    adam mclane

    I find my cynacism to be a primary motivator! Let me proveyou wrong with my snarled attitude towards the status quo.

    Here’s the thing that gets me David, for both of us our highest preductivity years are still ahead of us! Push through!

    1. Ashley Smith Avatar

      I agree, Adam- proving the status quo wrong is my main passion and motivator. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

  3. Sara Avatar

    Oh man, this is so good!!

    I’m possessed some days and other days I’m way too lackadaisical. I’m effective when I’m possessed! On the other days, I make things much more difficult for myself.

    I just said to a couple of older woman this morning “ANYONE can help at the youth center. You don’t have to play kickball to support the ministry”

    We chatted for a few more minutes and they decided to help me gather food for student lunches this summer. No kickball required 🙂

    On a different day, they could have said ‘well, I don’t really think I’m cut out to help at the youth center’ and I would have thought to myself ‘well, not everyone is’ … and then I would have spent the entire summer trying to gather food for lunches all by myself.

    Lord, help me to wake up EVERY MORNING possessed and fully convinced that I can teach anyone to sing!

    Thanks Adam. Great stuff!

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Thanks for the comment Sara. I am praying the same thing.

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