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  • The Receptionist has left the building

    Fair warning: There are naughty words in this video not approved by your mother. Travis Betz (guy in the video) and I are two guys from the same high school both living in California and chasing slightly different dreams. I’m working at Youth Specialties, equipping and encouraging youth workers, Travis is making twisted little independent […]

  • Possessed

    When someone pitches an idea my mind is running through a matrix of questions. Is this really a good idea? Is the idea even possible? Is this the right person to turn this idea into a reality? Will enough people buy into the idea that it’ll take off? Is this the right time for this […]

  • The K List

    The following was posted on Facebook in a group called “Kasper Rocks.” It’s a group dedicated to a beloved high school English teacher. If I can write anything at all it is because of his influence. When I screw up it is due to residual muck from the other 10 years of public school I […]