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This post is based on the thoughts a friend of mine began in my brain a few days ago with his post “church vs. business.” In this post, while I don’t agree with his thoughts, I completely disagree with the analogy. I hate it when we compare a church to a business. Todd’s point [again… A true and valid point] is that the church should act more like a business would when it comes to the way they spend money. His justification is that since student ministry is growing and bringing in new families… It should be a financial priority. Makes sense business-wise… But is completely unbiblical in it’s ramification. The church cannot and should not be run by a “do what works” mentality. Simply because a student ministry may generate more income than expense doesn’t mean it justifies more spending. In fact, this doesn’t even make good business sense.

As I look out over the scoop of what churches have become and where churches seem to be going… It does look more like a business. Decisions are often based on “stuff” and not on people. Let’s face it, our focus as ministers is often only about people on a cursory level. Sure, we do a lot of things for people… But our focus is often times on the program and not people. How can we reverse that? How can we make our primary “thing” people again? How far do we have to go? What do we need to get rid of?






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  1. Todd Porter Avatar
    Todd Porter

    wow! someone reads my blog! and not just read it, but quoted it in theirs!

    i like your question. and i have a response, but you’ll need to check my blog for it. not today, but shortly.

    we need to schedule a day for a coffee!

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