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TigerKristen and I made a return trip to Warrick Hills yesterday to watch the third round of the Buick Open. It was a lot of fun to traverse the grounds as a spectator. Here are some highlights.

A place to sit We spent the early part of the day trying to find a place to get a good view. Generally, we sit on the grass… but the rains the other day left the ground too wet to comfortably sit. So… we made our way to the "beer hole," the 17th. This is a very nice little par 3 and it’s virtually surrounded by stands. We sat there from about 1:30 PM-5:30 PM. We managed to see darn near everyone. The stands were great for their comrodarie too. I talked to an old timer for quite a while and then a couple other people later on.

John Daly, super Detroit Tigers fan
At the "beer hole" John Daly and his group waited their turn to hit. Daly is one of the PGA Tours favorite players and draws quite a following. A "beer guy" himself, Daly planned to suprise the local fans with a little local knowledge. Just before they hit, the entire group swapped their hats for Detroit Tigers hats. The crowd went nuts. Then, just for good measure… Big John knocked it stiff. More screams and high fives.

Off the hizzle On the 18th hole, Kristen and I joined the mob of people following Tiger Woods. (We’re talking something like 10,000 people following one guy around a golf course… crazy!) We found a place along the ropes of the left fairway. I peered around a tree to watch Tiger tee off. I saw it leave the clubface and take off down the fairway. Then I saw it start to make a familiar driving hook around the tree that I was looking through. I’ve got that shot in my bad too… it’s ugly. You heard a "Ooo" as the ball thumped a guy along the ropes about 50 feet past us. The guy had covered his face to protect himself… good idea. The ball pelted the back of his hand and bounced into the fairway. As Tiger made his way over there he put on the Tiger smile and apologized. He was a class act, he told the guy he was sorry that he got hurt. He gave him a signed glove and shock his hand. The guy who got plunked said, "Go get ’em Tiger." Of course, TW took advantage of the fairway off the hizzie and dropped it on the green 7 feet from the hole and grabbed his second straight birdie.

Great day, better time with Kristen Is that enough said? We needed a whole game all by ourselves.







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