(product) Red China

Red_nanoYesterday I bought one of these (product) Red iPod Nano’s for a prize on YMX. The transaction was simple enough. I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to get it from. Since I wanted it engraved I knew I’d have to wait a couple extra days… which didn’t matter to me since the contest drawing isn’t until January.

So, this morning I get greeted by an email from Apple telling me that the iPod had shipped. I clicked on the tracking button, which took me to a FedEx tracking website… and my jaw dropped. I placed my order yesterday evening and my order has just been picked up for immediate delivery from "SHENZHEN CN" to Romeo. Shenzhen is located near Hong Kong. So, the (product) Red iPod is all sorts of Red! But hey, $10 of that purchase is going to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

From China, with Love. It really is a global world.






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  1. Jason Avatar

    Almost everything Apple is made there. I remember when I got my Powerbook, I expected it to ship from Cupertino or something… but no.. China

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