New members of the McLane family

Kittens_005Yesterday the kids finally got their kittens. We answered an ad in the paper and found a family who had a litter from a cat that adopted them. (People in rural areas know how this works!)

So we all went over there and the picking began. At first we wanted two of the same sex. But then the kids negotiated to each get a kitten of their own gender. So we ended up with a female and a male.

Meet Lovely.
(lower) Lovely is Megan’s kitten. She has stripes like her mom but a couple white and black patches like her dad. Her most distinguishing characteristic is that she has a white tip to her black tail. She is also quite vocal for a 6 week old.

Meet Explorer. (upper) Explorer is Paul’s kitten. He has markings similar to a milk cow. He is like his name… very curious about his world. Yesterday was his kind of day… he got to wonder all over the living room, dining room, and front porch.

So far Stoney is just curious. He sniffs them a lot and they hiss at him. We’re just hoping that Stoney doesn’t explore a lovely snack if you know what I mean.






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