Battles that are Brewing

Battle_3It seems like there are some interesting battles brewing. I don’t mean like nations that are about to start new wars, I mean within the culture I live in, there have been and will be some gauntlet’s thrown down.

Here’s a summary of the ones that I’m watching.

youversion vs.
I happen to be a beta user of both Web 2.0 utilities and while they are significantly different, both will be battling for the attention of Christian internet users. So far, I see the power in both of them. Youversion is a little more "open" as anyone can bookmark things. The flipside is that is only allowing Alliance members to bookmark content which means that all the content on will be more trustworthy.

Emergent vs. Evangelicalism

This recently heated up in what I’ll call "The Battle for Mars Hill." Jonathon Herron talks about Mark Driscoll calling Rob Bell a heretic. A few weeks ago Doug Pagitt and John MacArthur tangled on Headline News. Go ahead and grab a box of pop corn and get ready for fans of all sides to listen to the artists drop some game and scream, "Oh no he didn’t!" As Doug points out today, it’s already getting personal. Come on boys, no shots below the belt.

Iran vs. America
OK, so this one isn’t as fun to watch as the rest. This could get really ugly really fast. Iran’s president is either completely oblivious to the fact that American’s don’t like him very much or he thinks he can win the American people with his charm. New story. The Scott Pelley interview that was on 60 Minutes last night was quite interesting.

Lloyd Carr vs. Charlie Weis

Who is in the hottest water with their team? Michigan fans have been quieted… but both groups of fans are not happy with how the season has gone. Lloyd Carr lost 4 games in a row before beating Notre Dame and Penn State. While Charlie Weis has list 5 in a row including 3 games where his offense failed to score a touchdown. That said, neither is in as imminent danger as 2006 Super Bowl quarterback Rex Grossman.

Anyone else see battles brewing?

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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