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  • The Pandemic’s Mark

    The Pandemic’s Mark

    Last night I watched parts of the Frontline film, America After 9/11. Each year around this time, but especially as we near the 20th anniversary, I think a lot about what life in America was like before September 11th, 2001. I so desperately want to see our country put the genie back in the bottle…

  • The Cure

    The Cure

    What if the cure to COVID-19 is kindness? If that’s the cure we’re in trouble. But maybe it is the cure? And since kindness costs us nothing why don’t we just give it a chance? Just an idea.

  • Lost Days

    Lost Days

    Today marks four months since the world shut down because of COVID-19. Four months. Four months?

  • Your role in media manipulation

    Your role in media manipulation

    I’ve been trying to figure out a way to talk about this. Do you find this helpful? Leave me a comment to tell me what you think. What I’m trying to get people to understand is that they are being manipulated by their impulse to respond. If you just ignore Person A, they have no…

  • These Divided States of America

    These Divided States of America

    Back in the day [really it was less than 10 years ago] I spent a lot of time talking about and helping The Marin Foundation. A question I’ve been asking myself lately is, “What can I take from that experience to apply to what’s happening in our country today?”

  • The Leadership Vacuum

    The Leadership Vacuum

    We are in the midst of the weirdest and most leaderless season of public life in modern U.S. history. And I’m left wondering: “Where are our leaders?”

  • Matching Scandals: How college admissions and criminalization of asylum seekers are linked

    You all see the connection between the college admissions scandal and locking up asylum seekers like criminals, right? It’s obvious, right?

  • What Makes America Great is Diversity

    What Makes America Great is Diversity

    Seeking asylum is legal. Receiving asylum seekers is who we are. Diversity of race, religion, and ethnicity is what makes our country great. Adam McLane

  • Trump’s wall is a dumb, dangerous idea

    Trump’s wall is a dumb, dangerous idea

    “What would stop a parent from crossing the border so she could provide for her children?” Nothing.

  • Why buying a car sucks

    Why buying a car sucks

    Last month we re-mortgaged our house without a single phone call, without a trip to a bank or meeting with a broker, without even leaving our home. We found the mortgage rate we wanted online. I filled out the forms mostly on my phone. The appraiser came to our house.  We uploaded documents. The closing…