Trump’s wall is a dumb, dangerous idea

“What would stop a parent from crossing the border so she could provide for her children?”


You would cross, too. No matter the cost or hardship— a parent will do whatever it takes to make things better for their family. You or I would do the same thing.

In a nutshell this is why Trump’s wall is a dumb, dangerous idea. A new physical wall will have no impact on illegal immigration as it’s a policy and economics problem, not a problem of access. (Never mind the fact that we just built a wall after 9/11!)

If the GOP cared about this issue they’d offer amnesty to the millions living here illegally… have those people pay a fine and go through the full immigration process. Then offer a pathway to citizenship for the 800,000 Dreamers as they’ve done nothing wrong and broken no laws. Lastly, vastly expand the temporary worker visa program so workers can easily go back and forth seasonally to do the low wage, low skill jobs Americans don’t want. Make it easy for farms and factories to bring people and guarantee workers they can come back so they can go home in the off-season. Duh!

Treat our immigrants with the respect they deserve and we will better manage illegal immigration.

Trump’s plan will only strengthen organized crime by making human trafficking more lucrative for traffickers and more treacherous for people crossing the border. Already, many gangs have given up drug trafficking as trafficking humans is more lucrative.






4 responses to “Trump’s wall is a dumb, dangerous idea”

  1. howie snyder Avatar


  2. Evan Jackson Avatar

    I’m not sure what I think about some of the solutions to the immigration issue, but a wall is a terrible idea. I’ll tell you right now: if they build this wall, one day it will do a better job of keeping repressed Americans in than it does of keeping impoverished Mexicans out. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not even in our lifetimes. But some day.

  3. SuperMommyofTwins Avatar

    I agree. Immigration reform must be comprehensive and must include a pathway to citizenship for people who are already here and have built long-standing roots in the USA. It is completely unreasonable and irrational to think that building a wall will solve our immigration “problem.”

  4. Missy Avatar

    It’s weird to me that no one talks about Mexico’s responsibility to their own people. Their government is so corrupt! Perhaps if more light was shone on the sins of their government, they would have no choice but to clean up their act and govern their country in a way that would bless their citizens and not cause them to have to flee. Just a thought.

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