Matching Scandals: How college admissions and criminalization of asylum seekers are linked

You all see the connection between the college admissions scandal and locking up asylum seekers like criminals, right? It’s obvious, right?

Here’s why “some people” are worried about “those people.” Children of immigrants are “taking their spots.” Notice that as system-wide enrollment has increased who has benefited.

In the University of California system admissions are blind to ethnicity and legal status. Since children of immigrants outpace growth of children of native born persons, you see anomalies, like Asians getting 40% of the seats at UC schools despite being only 11% of the California population.

In other words, kids of native born parents, the former majority ethnic group, are struggling to compete on a level playing field with children of immigrants. And so it’s no surprise that they cheat. (No different than white flight of the 1970s, really.)

That’s why you see far-right Populists talking crazy about “they are stealing our jobs.” First generation people aren’t but if the children of immigrants can get in our school system they’ll outperform children of native born adults.

That’s enough to stir up a little racism, isn’t it? As we’ve learned, it is.

When you look at the charging docs of the admissions scandal you see kids with SATs in the 900 range. These are children of wealthy parents, who have access to every educational opportunity. But they are lazy and entitled. Their parents knew they couldn’t compete.


At its core that’s why nativists like Stephen Miller are doing what they are doing to try to keep immigrant kids out. He knows that his peers are dumb, entitled, and lazy. Too afraid to compete fairly he seeks to lock in a generational advantage.






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