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  • Bring Light to Dark Places

    Bring Light to Dark Places

    Al Franken. Charlie Rose. Louis C.K.. Matt Lauer. John Conyers. These men have been outed as sexual abusers, harassers, assaulters in the past week. I hope their public ouster leads to more women coming forward. And I hope abusers out there are crapping their pants.

  • The Human Realities of Immigration Policy

    The Human Realities of Immigration Policy

    View full-sized image Friendship Park / El Parque de la Amistad is an historic meeting place on the US/Mexico border, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Each weekend, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, families and loved ones from each side of the border are invited to a small section of the border fence separating the United States from…

  • I don’t know what to think about Syria

    I don’t care much about the politics of United States involvement in Syria. If anything, I’m glad there’s a call for debate among the people we’ve elected to represent us. I’ve got a weird trusting distrust in that process that I think a lot of American’s have. I believe that one way to keep our…

  • Lead by Enabling

    Did you catch the Do Something Awards on VH1 last night? Wow. Wow! WOWowow! It was an explosion of fun, music, and celebration of teenagers who… are doing stuff in their communities. I’m relatively new to discovering but the idea behind their organization is pretty simple. They help teenagers do stuff in their community. Here’s how…

  • April Fools Pranks

    NPR’s Instagram account goes to the cats. HT to Mandy ht to Mashable ht to LL Cool J’s Goodbye Kitty petition (Rick Roll) ht to ThinkGeek ht to KargoKids (Lawyers kinda ruined this one with disclaimers) ht to 9to5mac  

  • The reasonable middle

    It’s been my experience that really, really wealthy people are a bit nutty. Most people know that even if they’ve never met really, really wealthy people. So we collectively and instinctively know there’s money in the extremes.  And it’s these extremes you see people appealing to these days. Appealing to the extremes is always a…

  • Sweet Home, Alabama?

    Last August, I wrote a post “What’s Happening in Alabama?” In that post I drew attention to proposed legislation that would make every citizen and every police officer in Alabama an immigration official. In short, it would make it illegal to do business with someone who is undocumented. (Pay them, drive them somewhere, rent a…

  • The Unemployable Problem

    Big news out of Washington D.C. recently. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest mark since February 2009, 8.5%. That’s good news if your a president in an election year. But others would be quick to point out that 8.5% unemployment is still too high. Yet, I have to wonder. What percentage of Americans are…

  • Redemption Song

    Reminds me of this, captured in a field hospital near the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Rudy was severely injured in the earthquake. But his true spirit was evident. World change. It’s possible, right?

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