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I don’t know what to think about Syria

I don’t care much about the politics of United States involvement in Syria. If anything, I’m glad there’s a call for debate among the people we’ve elected to represent us. I’ve got a weird trusting distrust in that process that I think a lot of American’s have. I believe that one way to keep our democracy working is by continually forcing it to work.

As I watched the video above I was reminded that this is a people story and not a political debate. Whether to intervene or not in a civil war isn’t just political or financial, it’s a people decision.

I don’t care much about the politics of our nations involvement. But I do care about the people being displaced, the injured, and killed. I care on a human level as a husband and dad. It’s not fair. And we can’t forget that the goal should be to return displaced people to their homeland. (Some facts on the conditions from World Vision.)

And right now I don’t have a lot of answers for what, if anything, I can actually do.

At this point I’m merely able to stand.

  • I’m standing in acknowledgement of their pain.
  • I’m standing in recognition of their displacement.
  • I’m standing to let them know I see them.
  • I’m standing to say I will listen.
  • I’m standing in commitment to pray for nameless, faceless families who are impacted.
  • I’m standing, asking God to intervene.
  • I’m standing to commit that while I can’t do much, I will do what I can to honor their humanity and not their struggle as a form of my disassociated entertainment.

By Adam McLane

Adam McLane is a partner at The Youth Cartel, co-author of A Parent's Guide to Understanding Social Media, blogger of 10+ years, and a fan of all things San Diego State University Aztecs.

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