3 Responses to a Broken Arm


4 responses to “3 Responses to a Broken Arm”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    hmmm…. for some reason this feels like a bit more than a broken arm…. ha.

    Like the analogy for sure. What if it was a sacred cow that broke its arm?

  2. jay sauser Avatar

    great parallel!

  3. Adam Avatar

    Nice, all I know is that we need a committee to see if the arm is really broken, then if it is they need to report back to the board about it and make a recommendation. It needs to be typed up in MLA style with at least three references on professionals that know about broken arms.

  4. Brian W Avatar

    Hah. A 4th option could of course be to laugh :/ As I have seen others do before worryingly.

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