imc #3

Keynote Thursday Night Brian Atkinson

Brian started by sharing a personal story of how he reunited with his birth family and was actually re-adopted and culminated in changing his name.

This was painting a picture of how gci describes online ministry and online ministry success.

More than content Context is everything… Are you doing something indespensible. Is it changing the minds of people before they have established a worldview apart from christ? It should point users where they need to go. Is the goal clear? The site should be clear in goals measurable goals and are you having positive effect. Does it form a community? It should. Are you doing online ministry together with others or are you alone? Brian introduced the new impact reports area for alliance members. They are going to kind of force this issue. The general idea is thed alliance members need to help one another.

We got a great mention by brian as a new member. I was actually thrilled how well he communicated who we are. The guy sitting next to me asked if I paid for that plug… Pretty funny.






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