10-20-30 Tag

Mykel tagged me and this one is pretty fun. So I’ll play along.

October 1997
Kristen and I were newly married and living a few blocks north of Moody as she finished her senior year. As we joke, she was late to a lot of classes back then. I was working for BlueCross and had just gotten hired full time. Kristen and I were attending Calvary but were barely involved. I remember one Sunday we took the train past our stop after church to go to a pet store and found ourselves right in the middle of the gay pride parade. That was pretty funny… a yuppy married couple with their bible’s walking past the gay pride parade. Man, we had fun the first year we were married. Every day was an adventure.

October 1987

I was in 5th grade at Swanson Elementary School in South Bend, Indiana. I was just getting settled into Swanson as my mom moved us out of the city and to Granger that summer. I had Mr. Hemminger for 5th grade. All I really remember from that year was his teaching us how bad smoking was by making some contraption where a bowl smoked itself.

October 1977
I was about 18 months old and don’t remember a thing. Pretty sure I was learning to read by then. I know I was working on calculus by 2 so I had to be wrapping up geometry.

I’m tagging Jeremy, Raitz, and Todd.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their three children.

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