NYWC Day Two Morning

First of all, I feel a lot better this morning than I did yesterday. All the "pre-school nerves" are long gone and we are off to a rip roaring start here at the convention.

Patti and I got the booth set-up and it looks pretty good if you ask me. We were done a little early and had some time so Patti and I spent 30 minutes or so walking around and looking at the other exhibits. You know… spy out the "competition." All in all, we’re on the mickey mouse side compared to the vendors who have the climbing wall and 20 foot display things. We know that and OK with that as this is our first time here and we are a very new company.

About "competition"
One of the YMX core deals is that we don’t want to directly compete with anyone, instead compliment what is already out there and fills the gaps with what isn’t. In other words… our deal is pretty niche based and not out to compete with most of the other vendors here. So we aren’t "pushing product." In fact, we feel like you can’t sell a community. Basically all we can do is tell people who we are.

After the booths closed a bunch of folks from YMX stayed out far too late and went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Good times there connecting and hanging out with friends.






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