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  • Sacramento Day 1

    I’m here. Being on this side of things is great. At the same time the next 24 hours are the most stressful of the 3 conventions. The live blogging kicks off at 1 PM PST. Make sure you check that out.

  • Harvest U- StuMin #1

    Craig Steiner (sheesh… how many people here do I know?) Acts… what’s it all about? Adoration- engaging students w/God Community- Truth- Service- Acts 2:42- you can say a lot today… but you get in trouble when you proclaim things in the name of Jesus. One of the best ways to care for the flock is…

  • Harvest U – Session 1

    The opening session at Harvest. Awesome worship to begin. There is something special about a room full of local church leaders singing praises to God. As a sidenote, fellow Moody grad Matt Stowell led worship. It’s been several years since I’ve seen Matt. Awesome to see him doing his thing. James MacDonald: Seeking the way…

  • Live Stream of Light Force Concert

    Tonight if the night. We’ve got the Jimmy Savage Band and Nowhere Found. The show starts at 7:00 PM EST. Live broadcast will kick off about 6:45 PM. UPDATE: Here’s the video from the event.

  • Family Force 5 for the Deaf

    I love Family Force 5. They bring a million pounds of energy to any event. Well, check out these videos captured in Atlanta. The lady doing interpretation for the deaf really got into it. Apparently, she is a fan of the band. HT to Jeff

  • NYWC- Final thoughts

    Pretty soon I’ll be packing up the rental car and heading back home. It’s been a wild ride and I have a lot of mixed emotions. My biggest emotion right now is that I’m exhausted. I feel like I went as "all in" as I could here. In time, in preparation, and in other ways.…

  • Mr crowder is on

  • Its done and it was fun

  • Doing Web 2.0 Ministry in a Web 1.0 Church

    Notes Click the link below watch video (rough) from the session. Food for thought while you wait: Apple’s Social Media Hell Links I mentioned: Web 2.0 on wikipedia Seth Godin’s blog (marketing) Feedburner USA Today: Go in search of a church by way of the Web More coming as well.,,

  • NYWC Day 3

    So far the conference has been fantastic. I have a long day of meetings, working the booth and digital lounge, and of course making new friends. I am most excited about my late night thing tonight. I am passionate about people using the internet effectively for their ministry. as I think about it I first…