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  • Session one notes: andy stanley

    Session 1 Andy stanley Talking about you role with power. John 13 Trends are moving away from sole sources of power and groups of power towards a distrust of power. The problem is that as leaders you have power. The question is how do I manage that power. You have no idea how God wants…

  • Session 1

    Body surfing and punk rock are abundant. the quote is ministry in moshing… good stuff. marko, tic, and jeanie did a real nice job. the folks from tics team who design the venue did an awesome job on the design and production. 6 side and back screens help the whole thing. multiple stages rock too.…

  • Todd is doing great!

  • NYWC Day Two Morning

    First of all, I feel a lot better this morning than I did yesterday. All the "pre-school nerves" are long gone and we are off to a rip roaring start here at the convention. Patti and I got the booth set-up and it looks pretty good if you ask me. We were done a little…

  • We are here

  • Georgia

    Finally we are in the right state.

  • Tennessee

    Well… we have somehow made it to Tennessee. todd isn’t a very convincing pilot but so far we haven’t died. we are due in atlanta by about 3.

  • Kentucky

    I feel like poo.

  • NYWC Day One (early morning)

    It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m awake. Last night was a little like waiting for the first day of school. On the one hand, I was dog tired and needed to sleep because we’ve got a long day ahead of driving, setting up the booth, and meeting a couple hundred people at the "welcome…

  • Traffic sucks

    Just chilling in traffic here in dayton.