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  • Ohio

    We are in Ohio! 3 hours to angies house.

  • And iso it begins

    As much as I love to travel, I hate leaving home when it is just me leaving. I already miss them.

  • NYWC Day -1

    As Patti noted yesterday, at this point there isn’t anything left we can do… we have to go with what we have. At 3 PM today Todd and I begin the journey to Atlanta. We’ll be spending the night at Chris and Angie’s house tonight and completing the drive Thursday morning. At this point there […]

  • Mobile Blogging Survey

    I could use your help… I’ve started live blogging events and my life more and I am interested to know what my readers think. There are just two questions to this survey but they would help me greatly.

  • IMC #12: Extreme makeover website edition

    Looking at this from a internet ministry perspective. Criteria for evaluating websites… Don’t care about data architecture Content Design Usability SEO Something else you want looked at… Victim #1 Center for Student Missions Conversion goal isn’t all that clear. Probably too much navigation Replace all that navigation with a paragraph explaining your conversion Nice use […]

  • IMC #11: Online Communities

    Paul KulpOnline Communities Is anyone tired about talking about "Community" online? We are tired about it because we don’t have a clear definition of what it is? Community is a good thing: People helping people Connections Belonging Every day miraclesOnline community is a miracle! God makes it happen. Community is all about people groups, gaggles, […]

  • IMC #10: Impressions of the conference

    I don’t want to be critical… but there is something that hasn’t jived well with me. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of "brand new" stuff. I don’t know if I’m just way ahead of the typical Gospelcom folks… but man, I’m not getting a ton of new ideas. What I am getting, and […]

  • IMC #9 Design is credibility

    Kent ShafferBombay Creative If people don’t know you, the only thing they can go off of is your design. Bob vs. Tim (Which is which in the picture to the left?)These types of effects of category labels on lower-level perception are becoming a concern for researchers in cognitive and social psychology because their existence suggest […]

  • IMC #8 Relationship blogging

    Rich Tatum (Blog Rodent) Consultant Our ministry blogs are about relationships. Example of (Mark Batterson) Form’s community with a local church.Example of Out of Ur (Christianity Today) Trying to turn a company into a relationship. Example of Church Marketing Sucks– Creates relationship.. Relationship blogs are about: transparency (can’t be afraid of comments) authenticity conversation […]

  • IMC #7 Hits, pageview, and other lies

    Brian Tol (Gospel Communications Staff member)Stats and stuff… I sat next to Josiah Ritchie for this session, check out his notes on the IMC blog. How do you judge effectiveness of what you are doing? How do you connect statistics to people? Traditional statistics are optimized for selling ads, sales optimization, and other marketing data. […]